Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bus Report #130

What does it say about the state of MUNI when nothing outrageous or quirky has happened during my commute in over a week?

I have been taking extremely early morning buses (thanks to a too-fast alarm clock!) and everyone seems to be asleep for the duration. It's a different set of 38 Geary riders all together... I feel like I am in some sort of strange alternate universe.

The 22 Fillmore remains the same: crowded, late, prone to going out of service.
For the past four mornings, I've had one of my old favorite drivers, the skinny shaved-head driver. He says hi to me every morning and pulls the bus right up in front of me.

I sat next to Carmen this morning. I have not seen her in weeks so we caught up on each other's travels. She is teaching her pre-schoolers how to do the Rumba. I am sure they look adorable.

I keep seeing our UPS guy (he gets on at McAllister) but I am not sure if I should say hi or not. It's too early, and he is not in uniform yet.


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