Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bus Report #141

This morning I waited for the 22 with the mom and daughter who live on 9th Ave. and the mom and daughters who live on 6th Ave.
The Clean Team truck pulled up and the guy immediately started washing the whole bus stop with the high-power hose. I have always had a problem with this cleaning method, and here's why:
1. Way, way, way too much water is wasted on this, unless the bus shelter/stop is filthy, which ours isn't.
2. The spray from the hoses and the dirt it kicks up has GOT to be bad for us to breathe in.
3. As the guy cleans, all us commuters have to dance around him as he moves. It's ridiculous that they can't do the cleaning when MUNI is closed for the night and no one is around.

Our bus came and we all piled on.
Cheers to the man who was taking up an entire seat in the back of the bus: no one would sit next to him because he had his duffel on the seat, which meant that there was a seat for me when I finally made my way back there. Sure, he wouldn't move at all for me to slip into the window seat, but that's ok. I just took my sweet time squeezing past him, and enjoyed a leisurely ride to work.
He spent most of the ride paying his SBC phone bill with a check, while I listened to The Elected in anticipation of tomorrow's show at Bottom of The Hill.

And a non-bus related comment: Happiest of birthdays to the Favorite!


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