Monday, April 03, 2006

Bus Report #138

Now that Noise Pop is over, I am back to my normal transit schedule. This morning it was raining and the bus shelter was packed waiting for the 38 Geary.
Everyone except me had umbrellas, which had me thinking about the funny Perspective piece on KQED this morning, which was about umbrella etiquette, something 38 and 22 riders know nothing about.
On the 38, I sat next to a dripping wet guy who took up most of the seat.
On the 22, I sat next to a kid who spent the whole ride (Fillmore to 16th Street!) biting his nails. THE. WHOLE. RIDE. It didn't matter that I cut my eyes at him about eight times, he just kept chewing. Gross.
At Valencia Street, a man tried to get out through the back doors but he did not know he needed to step down. After a minute or so of watching him shake the doors, I called out, "Step Down!"
He nodded and proceeded to fall down, hard. It had the same effect, though, and he was outside a moment later.


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