Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bus Report #154

Yesterday afternoon I waited for about 10 minutes for a 22 Fillmore that was not completely crowded or headed for the garage. Passed the time chatting with Ramon, who is doing pretty well. He had gotten a nice orchid at work and was toting it carefully in a plastic bag.
We finally got a bus and I made my way to the back, stopping to say 'hi' to Ebony.
I took the seat in the way back on the left and Ramon sat next to me. There were a bunch of exhausted and wilted kids back there with us, as well as a few Cor-O-Van guys.
A hot but not awful ride.
At Bryant, a girl with a baby got on with her boyfriend in tow. They had a stroller and a detachable baby seat and it was amazing to see people actually make room for them to sit down. As soon as they were comfortably seated the little girls sitting near us started fawning over the chubby, sleeping baby.
A man sitting across the aisle from them looked from the mom and baby (Latina) to the boyfriend (black) and back again. He finally said, "Cute baby, yours?"
The mom said, "He's my boyfriend."
The man said, "How old's the baby? 3 months?"
The mom smiled. "Yeah, she just turned three months."
Everyone in the back of the bus watched the baby and chatted softly. It was very relaxing and nice.


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