Friday, July 21, 2006

Bus Report #153

Today is the 6th Spare The Air Day.
Pros: FREE public transit for everyone, in an attempt to cut down on pollution.
Cons: Well, it's hot and there are a lot of extra people on the bus. And everyone is sweaty, and the people who don't generally ride MUNI have no idea of MUNI etiquette, at all.

I was talking about this with one of the ladies who rides the 22 with me sometimes from my PH stop. We thought it would be funny to publish a MUNI etiquette guide for any new riders.

Yesterday afternoon our 22 was stopped at Haight and Fillmore because the wheelchair lift would not retract. Finally the driver said, "Can I get someone to come jump on the lift a little? I think it just needs some weight on it to close."
Everyone grinned and shook their heads. A man in a vest and beret gamely went up front and jumped on the lift. It retracted! We all cheered him. As he sat back down he said, "I just want to get home, you know what I'm saying?"
Oh, yes, my friend, I know what you are saying.

The Teacher's Pet spotted a 10 Townsend bus the other day with a 'Nowhere In Particular' destination sign. It was cutting down a North Beach street, and seemed odd to her. She is convinced it was the same driver as my 41 Union from the other day.

Beat the heat, fellow MUNI riders and friends.
Remember, open those windows, put on deodorant and please don't stand in the step well!


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