Monday, December 04, 2006

Bus Report #179

This weekend I had amazing bus luck everywhere I went.
Went to meet M. in Japantown. Hopped on the 2 Clement, was in Japantown right on time.
M. and I decide to go to the knitting store on Divisadero and California. We have no trouble hopping on the 1 California. The store wasn't exciting so we went over to the Clay and saw the new Pedro Almodovar film, Volver. Awesome.

Yesterday I went out to catch a 38 Geary headed out into the avenues. I noticed a lone (and potentially lonely) cast-iron frying pan sitting on top of a trash can. Just sitting there, waiting for someone to take it home and love it. I thought two things:

1: How dirty is this pan?


2: Does my cast-iron pan need a big brother?

I decided to check out the pan. It was rusty and cobwebby, like someone had found it in the basement and put it out for anyone to take. So I took it. Carried it with me on the 38 Geary to Cala Foods, carried it down Geary to the Gables and then took it home to soak in a nice hot bath in the sink.
Now I have two huge cast-irons, and they have both come with me on public transit!


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