Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bus Report #181

This morning on my 22 Fillmore I saw Ebony. I hadn't seen her in a while so I waved her over and she sat next to me. We caught up with each other. I am amazed that she is 67 years old, because you'd never guess it. I told her this and she cracked up laughing. She went on to tell me she had a dance class last night and that it was fun. It turns out, she's been taking dance lessons for 45 years! She is a super lady.

Two Everett students got in a mini-fight on the bus and it took forever for them to push each other out the door. The driver shut the door immediately and we took off fast.

The creepy security guard who gets on at my stop in the morning sat next to me for two stops before Ebony got on. He tried to talk to me, saying things like, "Hey, you get on this bus same time as me everyday. I see you everyday."
I had my headphones on and made a point of staring out the window away from him. Ugh. I'd call security, but...


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