Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bus Report #191


I got out of my 38 Geary and saw a 22 Fillmore sitting in the crosswalk at Fillmore and Geary. I ran for it, but stopped when I noticed that it was 'off the lines' and there were police cars and reporters milling about.

I was the only person waiting at the stop, and even though I felt bad about doing it, I went over to a knot of MUNI investigators and cops and asked if I would be able to catch a 22 there. They said they would route the buses around the stopped bus.

Eventually there was a crowd of us waiting. The dreadlocked dental technician, the quiet pre-teen and I wondered what had happened. We figured someone must have been hit by the bus in the crosswalk.

This was confirmed by the Watchtower ladies a few minutes later. They offered me their pamphlet as usual, and as usual I politely declined.

I was angry and impatient that when the bus did finally arrive it was late which meant I was going to be late. As we pulled out the of the stop I hoped the person who got hit was okay.

UPDATE: The Chronicle reports that the victim is a 70-year old man who was hit at 6:20 AM but who was conscious when they took him to the hospital. It also says he was underneath the bus when the paramedics arrived.


Anonymous :: jozjozjoz :: said...


Hope the dude is ok. And that you weren't too late.

9:56 PM  

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