Friday, January 05, 2007

Bus Report #188

This morning I was in my usual only-just-awake-headphones-on-fog when I got down to Fillmore.
The Everett kids were already waiting, the dreadlocked dental technician and the handsome South Asian chef. Everyone was standing to one side of the bus stop and I soon realized why.
There was a very loud, belligerent man pacing in the bus stop, quite obviously high on something bad. He had yellowed, bloodshot eyes and every word out of his mouth was a swear or a challenge for us to fight him. Anyone who tried to pass him got yelled at, and he got up in their face.
A couple of the sewing ladies cringed and walked as far away as they could.
"What you looking at?" seemed to be his favorite phrase, aside from some I can't print here.
Finally our bus came and the rest of us climbed on.
As we pulled away he shot me a glare through the window. I just rolled my eyes and shook my head.


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