Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bus Report #184

Please make it stop.

Another hour long, wet, 22 Fillmore odyssey today. I should have known it would be a nightmare, especially since there were only 5 of us on the 38 this morning.

I spent ten minutes waiting for the 22 with the teens, the dreadlocked dental technician and the creepy security guards. When the bus came I got an aisle seat, where I was jostled and annoyed by everyone who got on after me.

At Eddy, some kids got on and did not pay their fare. The driver, a new guy I don't know, told them he would not move until they paid. Did they care? No. Did they pay? No. They borrowed transfers from some other kids and flashed them at the driver.

Had I been driving the bus, I would have put the kids off, but this new driver must not have the courage to do that yet, because the little monsters spent the rest of the ride being rude, loud, and super annoying.

At one point the driver stopped the bus again, and threatened not to move until the most recent group of fare evading kids paid their fares.

Someone in the back of the bus made a crack about how the 'Chinese' (He was not Chinese) driver did not want black kids on his bus. No, the driver doesn't want fare evaders on the bus! Hello! The fifty cents each kid isn't paying ads up, and the rest of us end up having to pay the difference when they raise the rates.

The bus was insanely crowded on top of all the drama. I cranked up the tunes.


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