Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bus Report #186

It's a cold and frosty day out, and I love it. I was sufficiently bundled up this morning and quite cozy. My 38 Geary had maybe 10 passengers. I love when the kids are on school vacation! Silence, sweet, golden silence and plenty of seats.

I waited for the 22 Fillmore with the handsome South Asian chef and a few other people. When it came, it was pretty full, which meant sitting across from Carmen next to a fish-smelly guy messily eating sandwiches and taking up more than his fair share of the seat.
I tried to gain some seat ground by subtly pushing against his sausage thigh, until he gave in a little. He spent the whole ride hacking and coughing, eating his sandwiches (I counted three) and just being gross and smelling like fish. I was glad to get out of the bus at my usual stop.


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