Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bus Report #192

Yesterday morning my commute was smooth, fast, and I saw Carmen for the first time in a month. She has been taking a different bus lately, because it arrives at her stop before the 22 does. I told her she was missed, and then we spent the rest of our ride together gossiping about everything and nothing.

Today my 22 Fillmore was late, with a new driver. The further towards Mission we got, the more crowded the bus became. I was lucky to have an inside seat: the woman sitting next to me in the aisle kept getting knocked in the head by backpacks.
She got completely walloped by a man carrying a duffel the size of a mini fridge.

At my stop I had no choice but to push my way out of the over-full-capacity bus. Apologies to people who got hit by my thermos, but there was nothing I could do, since people didn't want to get out of the step well so I could pass by. I know I say it all the time, but I am amazed, truly amazed by the people who congregate in the step well and don't move. They are nowhere near their stop, usually, yet feel this weird need to be right at the door at all times.


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