Friday, June 08, 2007

Bus Report # 230

Last night I was coming home from a bar on Polk Street, so I decided to save money and wait for the 1 California instead of taking a cab.

The 1 California came quickly and I got a seat right away. I was sleepy and not really paying attention to what was going on, when the bus driver told us he had 'bad news'.
"The air compressor's busted," he announced. "Sorry, folks."
We all got out. Some people waited in the bus stop but most of us started walking. The bus had broken down on California and Baker. Too close to home to justify a cab, too late at night to wait for another bus that may or may not ever come.
So I walked up the hill, past the JCC, through the ghost town of Laurel Heights. At night Laurel Heights is shuttered completely. The only signs of life came from a coffee shop that was still open and a restaurant where the wait staff was counting out drawers.
The silence was a little unnerving for this city girl. The buckles on my shoes clinked as I walked. Soon I was on Arguello at Clement.

As soon as I turned the corner at the liquor store onto Clement, I was home.

There were people milling around outside the Plough & Stars, where a fiddler was playing in the front of the bar.
Le Soleil and Giorgio's were still crowded with people (hopefully) gorging themselves on fresh rolls, flaming beef, pizza and beer.
The scent of sweet crepes lured me in to Genki. I got a small bag of Egg Puffs to keep me warm as I walked the rest of the way home.
Rock music blared from the upstairs windows at the Rockit Room.
A bicycle was parked outside Green Apple, waiting for one of the booksellers to ride it home for the night.
As I passed 10th Ave., I could smell fresh baked bread from Boudin's.
I wasn't at my place yet, but I was home.


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