Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bus Report #224

Yesterday morning as I walked to work from the bus stop, a bird landed on the back of my head.
I felt its talons dig through my hair.
"Stupid bird," I said, shaking my head to get rid of it. I felt a pang of guilt: I love birds. I've loved birds ever since I got a parakeet at age 11.
Whatever bird had landed on my head took off and I thought it went up into a nearby tree, but I couldn't be sure.

Later that aftenoon on the way home, I saw the Sad Drunk Boy on the 38. He smiled at me. His eyes were slits but I could see how sad he was behind them. It made me a little sad, too. He turned up his music and stared out the window.

Tonight I stood in the bus shelter, reading Amulet by Roberto Bolano. Suddenly, Ebony was next to me. "You better get to the back of the bus," she said. We both laughed and shook our heads. The joke will never grow old.

We got on the 10 Townsend, where we were joined by BT and several people from my old building.

I was home in an hour.


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