Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bus Report #234

Last night I rode home on an extremely crowded 38 Geary.

I sat squished against a succession of riders:
Elderly lady with lots of shopping bags, who got out at Union Square.
Very sweaty, smelly girl taking up her seat and most of mine too, who got out at Geary and Larkin.
Clueless Irish tourist girls, who managed to get in people's ways even though they were sitting down, and who had their purses gaping wide open so anyone could reach inside, who got out at 6th and Geary to go to the Abbey Tavern.

The fedora guy sat all the way in the back. He is usually silent, but I caught him mouthing the words to whatever song he was listening to on his headphones. He's really pale and usually looks like he's about to faint.


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