Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bus Report #249

Today was the first Spare the Air day of the summer (yes, it's August, but here in Fog City our summer doesn't hit until the fall).
On Spare the Air days, public transit is free during rush hour, and all buses are free all day. It's a great idea, and nice, but regular commuters will tell you otherwise.
You see, Spare the Air day means more commuters, more clueless people, and slower bus rides.
Not good if you need to get somewhere.
My 22 Fillmore was crowded, and people didn't want to move away from the doors no matter how many times I loudly said, "Excuse me. EXCUSE me. EXCUSE ME."

I was grumbly about it this morning, and still was right up until lunchtime.

A man came in to our office carrying a thin tube of documents.
"Is S. in?" he asked.
We said no, that S. had gone to lunch.
"I'm homeless," the man said. "and I found this package addressed to him downtown in the Financial District. It must have gotten lost so I'm dropping it off."
"Thanks," I said. "I'd tip you but I don't have any cash."
He walked away.
Upon further investigation, it turned out that early this morning our bike messenger company had lost the package on their way to drop it off to us. They had been frantic, as had been our consultants.
I thought, if not for free bus rides today, that man would never have been able to get down here.

We tried to track him down, thinking he might be hanging around outside, but he was gone.

Thanks, Spare the Air day... This time, at least.


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