Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bus Report #266

I still haven't called MUNI about the Next Bus thingy at my afternoon stop. I might tonight. Along with not having all the buses listed, the times on it are completely inaccurate. This tells me that what I have always thought must be true: they are going off the printed schedule and not the actual real time arrival of the bus.
If you know different, let me know.
It just seems like it wouldn't be too hard to put GPS on the buses, or something.
Keep the people happy.

The other night I got out of class and walked quickly to the bus stop. There were a couple people there waiting. I asked one of them, a guy who looked cold (he was only wearing a T-shirt) which bus he was waiting for.
"28," he told me.
"How long you been here?" I asked.
"Dunno. Maybe 2 minutes?"
Hmmm.... It was a tough call. I stood there for a couple minutes. Then I decided to call 311, the new 'information line' that was recently set up by the city.
I was immediately connected to a perky young woman.
"Can you tell me when the next 28 hits Lombard and Fillmore?" I asked her.
"Sure," she said. "That's um... Let's see.. That's 24 minutes."
Great, I thought.
Yeah I'm not waiting for a bus that might come in 24 minutes. I stepped into Lombard and hailed a cab.
My cabbie was new to San Francisco.
"We'll get there together, sweetie," he said.

I waited for the 10 Townsend last night with a kid who was weighed down with bags. He was either a CCA (California Culinary Academy) or a CCA (California College of the Arts) student.
He grinned at me and asked, "Do you think they'll notice if I use a Canadian quarter?"
I smiled back. "I don't know, I've never tried," I said.
"I mean, it's worth more now anyway," he continued.
"True," I said. "It's almost a real quarter."
The bus pulled up and I got on. Behind me I heard the kid dropping his handful of coins in the meter.
It beeped, he got his transfer, and he came and sat down somewhere behind me.

Next Bus showed another 7 and 20 minutes for the 22 to arrive, but as we left the stop one pulled up right behind us.


Blogger daryl said...

i occasionally take the 10 from a stop that the 22 goes by as well. i noticed the NextBus thingie only showing the 22. the only difference i can figure is that the 22 has overhead cables, and maybe they can find the location of the bus electrically, since its like...plugged in? i don't ride enough to test this theory...

1:05 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Good point about the wires, I'll post about it if I find out anything else.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They do have gps... I think your station is messed up.

10:06 AM  

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