Friday, October 19, 2007

Bus Report #261

It seems darker and darker out every morning, these days.
Yesterday I waited in the dark with Nikolas for the 38. It was early, which was nice.

The handsome South Asian chef was on the bus, too, but he sat towards the front and looked distracted.

On the 22 Fillmore, Carmen was sitting in an aisle seat, saving the inside seat for me (she 'saves' it with her backpack... just like in grade school).
We caught up and chatted the whole ride.

This morning Carmen saved me a seat again. She had to go shopping before work, to get ingredients to cook for her students.

At Valencia, the creepy boy with the full beard and shaggy hair got on. He's at the height of the full beard-shaggy hair cycle. Next week he'll have shaved them both off. He's like clockwork, that one.


Blogger TheRobin said...

Do you ever take the 33 from Geary and Arguello to 17th and Potrero? It's a really relaxing ride. I especially like the view of downtown from the top of Clayton 9right before you make the crazy-ass U-turn onto Market. Anyway, I work right next to the new Whole Foods on Rhode Island and take the 33 now and again. It is much "nicer" than the 22 for sure, plus i like the 10 minute walk from Potrero to work in the morning. LOVE your blog BTW!

9:41 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

do take that route sometimes, though not usually to work. It's one of my favorite routes in the city, especially the crazy turn onto Market. I love seeing the reactions of people who have never been on that part of the route before... Priceless.
See you around the hood...
And thanks for the love.

10:11 AM  

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