Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bus Report #258

This morning I was lazy and left my house a minute later than usual. I had to feel my way downstairs (the lights haven't been re-timed for the dark mornings yet) and when I got to the end of my street I could see the 38 going by.
Thanks, MUNI!
I quickly walked up to the next stop, where the 38 and the 38L both stop. Nikolas was there and he asked me what I was doing at that stop.
"Missed the regular," I told him.
He nodded, having been there, done that plenty of times himself.
"Looks like there's something coming," he said.
A regular 38 pulled up with a 38L right behind it. I got on the regular, Nikolas got on the 38L.
Oddly enough, even though I got to Fillmore 10 minutes later than usual, all the usual suspects were still waiting for the bus.
I let the teen and the slightly younger teen get on first, then went to claim my seat against the window towards the back.
There is a super shiny, very, very well lit (almost eerily, police station-y so) new restaurant on Fillmore near Harput's. It's called Jubili, and if I ever need a pick-me-up before getting on the 22, I think I might just stop in. They apparently specialize in frozen yogurt and cereal, which seems very odd but also kind of cool.


Anonymous Fog City Mommy said...

excellent! I am going to have to try that place next time I hop on the bus to the filmore. rock on for the suggestion.

got a funny search term on my blog the other day "Fog city rachel". I laughed. is it you or me?

7:05 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Fog City Rachel, huh? I wonder who they were looking for!
Hope you're feeling better/doing better...

8:08 PM  

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