Monday, November 12, 2007

Bus Report #268

Saturday it rained all day.
I had to go to the library, which meant the 38 Geary bus. I didn't have to wait long for one to arrive at my stop. I got ready to get in, but this man started to get out through the front as I was getting in. Then, even though I was right there, he opened his umbrella right in my face.
I rolled my eyes at the driver, who gave me a 'what can you do?' look.
On my way back from the library I waited under the cover of the bus shelter with two middle-aged women, a little boy, and his grandma.
The little boy climbed up on the seat, quickly lost his balance, and fell.
The rest of us waiting gasped.
He was all right.
The bus came and it was warm.
Out the window I saw the ghost of someone I used to know. It was strange.
I saw the ghost again yesterday along Clement.


Blogger Jerry Jarvis said...

As this city become more of a transit friendly city it forces more people on to buses who might not feel so friendly, doesn't mean that I have to feel it too.

1:28 AM  
Anonymous The Other Rachel said...

real ghost? or is that a fancy term for someone you knew a long time ago? cuz I swear to god, and i have figured out you and I live in the same neighborhood by the way, that I have been seeing real ghosts in the hood. maybe I am just crazy but then again I do cut up dead bodies. hmmm.

6:13 PM  

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