Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bus Report #269

Last night I caught the 2 Clement in front of the Aztec Building (I actually just learned it's Mayan, but I haven't gotten around to calling it that yet).
I got a seat near the back door. It was early enough that it was a mostly downtown crowd, men and women with briefcases and designer suits, too much 'nice' perfume and cologne.
And of course, yours truly.
With too much stuff and old sneakers and a jacket a little too warm for the weather.
The 2 made good time rolling down Sutter.
At Sutter and Van Ness we stopped to let on passengers.
A little girl and her mom got on. The girl was tired and mom had to lead her to a seat, where the little girl lay down with her head in her mom's lap.

A man got on wearing a ripped up trench coat and carrying a few plastic shopping bags.
As soon as he'd moved past the driver, the driver jumped up and proceeded to open all the windows he could find.
It took a minute to figure out why, but then the man in the trench coat planted himself in the back door stair well and we all got a whiff of his dirty, chokingly awful smell.
I suddenly wished for the people with their heavy 'nice' perfume or cologne to come back.
The woman sitting in front of me had a shawl on, which she immediately re-wrapped so a part of it covered her face.
The driver caught the end of the light and we were off again.
I felt bad for the smelly man. It didn't seem like he could help it.
He got out at the stop across the street from the mega-chain-coffee-place in Laurel Heights. I wondered if he was going inside, and how long they would let him stay before people started to complain.

At Arguello and California, a woman started hassling the driver about his liberal use of the brakes. She kept looking to the rest of us for an ally, but no one seemed interested. We just wanted to get home.

I was waiting to hop out at 6th Ave. when I overheard the following:

Little blonde girl: When's Christmas so I can get all the toys?
Blondie's mom: Well, it's coming up, but you won't get all the toys. Not even half, by NEXT Halloween.

I was not the only person laughing as I got out of the bus.


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