Friday, November 30, 2007

Bus Report #272

I got a pleasant surprise last night while waiting for the 10 Townsend. I looked down 17th Street and saw someone who looked very much like my friend Dave, who doesn't work in my neighborhood anymore. I figured it was just my terrible vision, but as he got closer I realized that it WAS Dave.
He had dropped his car off in the neighborhood for his wife to pick up.
I'll admit, it sounded a little espionage-ish to me... You know... The cars at the secret rendezvous point, see you later...
I was glad to see Dave, as he is always a treat.
We rode the 10 Townsend downtown together.
Nice to see you on the bus, Dave.

My 38 Geary home was packed.
Our driver would yell out, "Anyone need this stop?" and if no one did, he just drove right past it. Much better than the usual situation, where a full to capacity bus gets packed even tighter.
The girl sitting next to me was talking loudly on her cell phone. Does this sound sketchy to you? She said she was moving in to a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath apartment and that the rent was only $1,500.00 a month. Unless it's seriously rent controlled, it sounds too good to be true.

This morning my 22 Fillmore was a little late. Our driver leaned out of the bus and told a homeless man with a huge wheelie cart that he couldn't ride her bus, that he'd have to wait for the next one.
Our bus wasn't even crowded, so it seemed mean and discriminatory to me.

The only open seat for me was next to the woman with the trashy neck tattoos (Chasing my dreamz, A.J., is scrawled in cursive across the left side her neck, and she has something else on the other side that I can never catch) but she had her backpack on the seat. I asked her if I could sit down and she gave me a look.
I shot her one right back.
If she bought two transfers, one for her and one for her bag, fine.
If not, guess what, I get to sit there.
She spent the whole ride text messaging someone and shifting her weight around, I think in an attempt to make me move. I just ignored her.


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