Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bus Report #440

After watching the creepy fight last Monday, it's been a long week of not much of note on the bus.
I've sat next to or behind the dirty, faux-leather, lavender hat guy three times, missed the early bus but still got to work before anyone else, and been on some extremely crowded afternoon 22 Fillmores.
Yesterday, the 22 was very, very crowded. At Mission, a wheelchair got in the front and a pair of streetrats and their dog got in on the back.
At Church, people were trying to get out of the back door and streetrat #1 started screaming: "Don't you touch the dog! I wouldn't step on your child!"
To which the person trying to get out the bus must have said, "I'll try."
"You'll try?" screeched streetrat #1. "I'll mess you up if you touch my dog."
Meanwhile, neither streetrat made any attempt to get out of the stairwell, pick up their mutt, or anything.
At Duboce it was the same deal, people trying to get out the bus, and Streetrat #2 said, sighing, "This is bullshit. Let's just get out here before I do something I'll regret."
They got out and started walking.
Ok... so you sneak onto a crowded bus with your dog and have the nerve to get all pissy about it when the bus is jam-packed and you're not taking care of your dog properly? Hmm.

Another fun conversation, overheard yesterday afternoon: The mean woman who works at our local art supply store and her friend, a petite lady in a quilted, crazy-patterned jacket, talking about fashion.
"Have you seen What Not To Wear?" asked the mean lady (who was wearing a sweater, a vest and ratty jeans). "It's really helped me understand how to shop for my body type."
I raised my eyebrows. Oh really? I thought. She looked the same as always. Curious.
The other woman said no, she hadn't seen the show, that she does most of her shopping at consignment stores and thrift shops, that she has an impossible time finding clothes that fit her.
"Yeah, I just hate trying things on," said the mean lady. "I don't have the patience for it. And I run cold, so I like wearing this vest. Like even when it's hot out, I can't not wear this vest."
Her friend held out her sleeve. "See this jacket? I've had this for years. I think I got it at (store named after a scientific discipline). Most of their stuff is crap but this jacket has really worked out for me."
I got out at Sutter and went to wait for the 2 Clement. They're phasing out the 4 Sutter in the fall and cutting the 2 Clement route. Sad. It won't affect me, but it will definitely be a problem for a lot of people.


Blogger Civic Center said...

I love the phrase "streetrat" and your description of their behavior sounds about right. It's amazing to me when people sneak on the back of buses without paying, and then get pushy about personal space. Oh, well.

11:13 AM  

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