Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bus Report #434

Uneventful bus week so far.
Maybe people are still vacationing? The buses have been pretty empty and the commuters have been pretty easy going.
The other day I saw the 80's woman on Geary near 21st, and pointed her out to The Professor and the Professor-out-law, but they didn't seem too excited to see her.
This morning on my 22, the Roche Bobois guy sat next to me. He is so friendly, so polite, a pleasure to sit next to.
Several times this week I've seen people try to haggle with the driver over the new fares. Just pay it, people! Even though I am against the fare hike, it's done, so deal with it.
I've been exclusively riding the 22 in the afternoons lately. It's much less crowded without all the students, and it's been on time (according to Next Bus). It's been oddly relaxing. Imagine that.


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