Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bus Report #437

After getting out of the Bridge theater late last night, after seeing the (very good, gorgeously filmed, Buenos Aires based) film Tetro, I walked through the foggy darkness to the bus stop. I love when it's foggy out, the way everything looks so soft focus and blurry.
The damp weather had me coughing like crazy. Huddled in the bus stop, I put on my gloves and waited for the bus.
A group of Irish students joined me a moment later. They all stood around one girl with short hair and glasses, who was texting a friend of theirs named Fiona. I couldn't be sure, but I think Fiona was back home and they were messing with her.
The bus came and we all got in.
I sat by the window and stared through it at the reflection of the tall, well dressed man standing behind me.
"It's terrible not having a telly," one of the students said to the rest of her friends. "I mean, at home you'd never not have one, but here we don't have one. And when I'm not at work, it's really awful and boring at home."
Her friends sympathized.
Half the bus got out at Third Ave., and went right in to the newly reopened Buckshot.
I got out at my stop with four or five other tired-looking people, but I was the only person walking down my street.


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