Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bus Report #458

Yesterday morning, the 22 driver did it again.
My 38L pulled in to the stop and our driver honked his horn a few times to let the 22 driver know that a few of us were coming. The second I stepped out of the 38L, the 22 sailed past us. I could swear that the 22 driver was smiling.
I waited in the stop with one other person. The Cleanscape truck came up and the guys immediately started sweeping the bus stop, which was good, then they started pressure-cleaning it, which I really, really don't like. It just seems like a waste of water to me, plus the mist is everywhere and that can't be too clean, either. I looked at the other person waiting, a man, and shook my head.
"They always need to clean when I'm waiting," he said, grinning a little.
"I know," I said.
A 22 came a few minutes later. We stepped over the hose and got in.
I sat behind the catfish face man and the talking to himself man, by myself at first, until a slightly greasy looking guy got on at Church and Market and sat beside me.
At 16th and Mission I noticed how many people were sleeping in the plaza. There were mounds of blankets and sleeping bags scattered around, more than usual.

Last night I took a crowded 22 home.
A mom with a little boy and a baby got on at Dolores and the mom squeezed into a seat next to an older lady wearing a pretty linen dress and matching hat. The older lady was on her cell phone.
Suddenly, the older lady sort of jumped in her seat. "A baby just kicked me!" she told her friend on the phone. The mom apologized but the lady shook her head. "It's okay," she said.
A few stops later, a young man in a muscle shirt got on and sat near the little boy. The little kid was adorable, with long, wispy hair and a brown corduroy newsboy hat on.
The young man said, "you have a beautiful little girl."
The little boy started laughing. His mom said, "oh, he gets that a lot because of his hair, but he's a boy."
The young man was embarrassed. He said, "I had long hair as a kid, too."

At Oak Street, an elderly woman with a cane stood up and made her way to the back door. She lost her step, and the young man and a teenage girl caught her before she fell. Then the teenage girl gently held her arm and helped her out of the bus. The woman nodded and smiled at the girl and they went their separate ways.


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