Monday, August 31, 2009

Bus Report #449

This weekend in Muni:
Friday - I was going to meet The Teacher's Pet for dinner before going to the du Nord for a show. I called NextBus to see when I could catch the 33.
"Actually, there was a power outage a while ago and I don't have any current info about that line," apologized the nice man I talked to on the phone. Okay, then, I thought. I asked him about the 24.
"Uh, that line was affected by the outage, too."
Okay. We finally planned my route, the 38 ("In ten minutes and again in fifteen minutes.") and then catching the 22 ("Uh, the 6:06 PM bus is out of service so you can take the 5:56 otherwise you'll have to wait for the 6:15."). Thank you, NextBus. The 38 was right on time and the 22 was a minute or so late, but it was still pretty good.

Saturday - Had to get out to Stonestown to meet up with M. and R. I looked up the 28 and saw that I had 10 minutes or 22 minutes, so I ran out and went to the bus stop.
Argh. The stop was packed with people, at least 20 of us: students, elderly folks and terribly, awfully dressed people that didn't know where they were going, so I assumed they were Outside Lands-bound. We were only 4 blocks from the entrance to the park but over twenty blocks from the Polo Fields, so taking the 28 wasn't really a good idea for these grimy, sweaty people.
Nevertheless, when our (already packed) bus came, we all pushed our way into the bus. I ended up clutching a pole and practically in this woman's lap, while someone else was pressed up HARD against my back and ass. Nice. Did I mention I was recently showered and dressed for a party? Yeah.
Almost 40 minutes later I got to Stonestown, but in the meantime...
-Girl in yellow racer back tanktop, pink bra and hideous, HIDEOUS tiered skirt and flip flops instructed the Outside Lands folks to get out at Fulton and take the 5 to 36th Ave., unless they wanted to walk all the way there. They wanted to walk, which begs the question.... Why ride 4 blocks on a crowded bus? Why?
-Not too tall man with shrieky, annoying wife stood extremely close to me, his khaki shorts and black belt in line with my shoulder. I shot him a look warning him to keep his crotch away from me.
-Slightly out of it woman with headphones turns to guy in overalls and fishing hat and asks when the concert starts. The man turned to her, and in perfect, unaccented English said, "I'm sorry, I don't speak English."
Then he went back to muttering to himself in English.
-Frizzy ponytail man sits next to me (when I finally score a seat) and every time he turns his head I get lashed with his frizz. Ew.
-New SFSU students cluelessly block the stepwell, miss their stop, and get off at the next stop.
-Guy with deep tan and equally dark shades asks everyone if this bus will take him to BART so he can get out to the airport. Yes, it will. He strikes up conversation with slight, pale, goth boy about all the trouble you can get into in Vegas. They part ways at Sloat, with the goth kid wishing him luck and saying, "It was great talking to you."

Sunday - My NextBus good luck continues. I take the 38 to the 22 and get to Cafe du Nord for another show, with plenty of time to spare. One of my bus mates looks like M's boyfriend, only about 10 years younger. It's unnerving.


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