Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bus Report #455

I waited for the 38 at my corner, because Next Bus claimed it would be there in 3 minutes. It wasn't. I checked Next Bus again, and it said 10 minutes.
I trudged up to another stop where the 38 and 38L both stop and a 38L drove up, empty but for a handful of quiet, sleepy people towards the back.
We cruised down Geary through the fog, which made the trees look Tim Burton-esque. Nice.

The bus pulled in to the Fillmore stop and honked at the 22 to wait for me. I flew out of the bus, calling a "thanks!" at my driver.
Did the 22 wait for me?
No. It was the same driver as yesterday. He gestured for me to meet the bus at the next stop, but he drove like a bat out of hell, so I took off running, my lunch and my bag barely hanging on to my body as I hurled myself down the block.
I got to the stop right as the last passengers got on. I flashed my Fast Pass and sat down in the only empty seat, next to the catfish face man.


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