Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bus Report #448

My morning buses are crowded again, now that school's back in session. Sigh. I will be complaining about this for a few more days I am sure, then I will get over it.
Today I caught an early 22. I sat a few rows back from the catfish face man and the ogler (who had lots of ladies to ogle today, unfortunately for the ladies).
At Haight and Hermann I noticed a lot of activity in the form of security guards, film-industry-type trailers and trucks and some SFPD guys just hanging out. I bet they were filming Trauma, or something. Exciting. Part of me wants to watch the show to see SF in all its glory, but another medical drama? Hmmm.... I don't know.

Last night my 38L was CROWDED! The driver did a pretty good job of only letting people board through the front, at least until we got to Union Square. Of course, this was a perfect opportunity for a slightly crazy man in a leather cowboy hat (with a dirty feather in it!) with lots of plastic bags (and only one arm to hold them with) to get in through a side door. He pushed his way through the crowds asking everyone, repeatedly, if anyone had, "A paper dollar for four quarters."
Predictably, no one was going to open their wallets in the middle of a crowded bus for him. He went back through the crowd again and got out at Polk.

There was a profusion of tall, slim young men with neck tattoos. Most only rode for a couple stops. It was odd. I counted at least 5 of them!


Blogger sfmike said...

Great story, particularly the plastic bag dude and the neck tattoo invasion. And the only time I ever see San Francisco police fully engaged with civilians is when they're on movie sets making ridiculous amounts of money while doing nothing more than ordering citizens to get out of the way.

8:17 PM  

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