Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bus Report #456

For the third day in a row, the 22 driver signaled for us to run ahead to the next stop, instead of waiting for one more minute for the three of us (who had just catapulted out of a 38) to cross the street.
I put my foot down this time. Maybe he thinks it's funny, watching people sprint down Fillmore at 7 AM? Well, I wasn't going to entertain him today.
I waited at the stop with a few people, watching the Clean Team sweep the bus stop. The guy across the street in front of the Boom Boom Room hosed off the sidewalk, like most mornings.
The bus arrived, and it was the very polite, tall-sitting driver. He smiled at me when I said "good morning". I moved towards the back of the bus and saw Carmen, so at least we got to visit and commiserate about missing the earlier buses (the 33 for her, which she missed by seconds when she turned the corner on California St.).

Carmen got out at her stop and was replaced by a man with a very wide ass, so wide that I felt like I was being pushed off the seat, and I was on the inside of the seat! It was gross, and I couldn't stop thinking about it as we rolled down 16th Street. I kept trying to move so he wasn't touching me, but to no avail.
I got out at my stop and walked the rest of the way to work.


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