Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bus Report #461

Children on Muni edition!

Last night on the 22, a mom and her little girl sat next to me. The little girl was maybe 3 or 4, with big brown eyes and a pink track suit. She had a quarter in her pocket and she kept taking it out to look at it, and then put it away.
"Guardala," her mother cautioned her.
The little girl looked up at a Day of the Dead poster up on the wall near the door.
"Mire, mami, una calavera y una vela," she said, pointing at the skull and candle on the poster. The mom nodded.

This afternoon a mom and her preschool-age son sat in front of me. This kid had gorgeous, thick, curly, honey-brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. His mother had the same hair, cascading in curls down her back. She didn't pay much attention to her boy. He sat backwards in the seat and looked at me, while he puffed his cheeks out, exhaled, puffed, exhaled. He played with a gold ID bracelet on his tiny wrist.

When they got out at Mission, another mom and son sat in their seat. The baby was tiny, less than 6 months old for sure. He rested against his mom's shoulder, every now and then raising his wobbly head and looking around at his mom, his aunt, the bus, and the teenage boy sitting next to his mom. He looked so joyful and content, I couldn't help but smile.


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