Monday, December 07, 2009

Bus Report #474

How is everyone dealing with the Muni changes? I know I am mourning the loss of the 4-Sutter (a second choice bus for me when the 2 is late), the shortened route of the 2-Clement and the 10-Townsend (well, its actually got a longer route, but not in the direction that I need.)
This weekend I noticed new recordings on the 33, 21, 38 and 22 (new stop announcements, mostly, and the recorded-in-three-languages-Dec-5-changes-message).
I am very excited for increased service on the 38L and the 44 O'Shaughnessy. Very, very excited.

Last week I rode the 22 with Carmen, and we caught up on the holiday happenings.
The eighties woman was on my 22 Tuesday morning. She is crazy, and I don't just mean her misguided fashion. She talks to herself, a lot.
An elderly woman who I used to see every morning while waiting for the bus was actually on my bus the other day. She beamed at me and greeted me like an old long lost friend. It was very sweet.

This morning my 22 Fillmore came off the wires in front of the Potrero Center. We sat there ten minutes before I got up and started walking. Of course, the bus finally started to move after I'd walked a block. Frustrating!

The Carmen Banana mural is back on the side of the natural grocery in the Lower Haight, and that makes me smile.

Anyone seen any good Christmas decorations yet? There is a building on Hermann with a lot of lights, and I saw a big plastic Santa somewhere along 16th, but that's about it so far.


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