Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bus Report #467

Tonight, everyone on Muni was in a good mood. It was weird: People gave up their seats to elderly and disabled folks, no one minded when babies were crying, and the teenagers were more subdued than usual, and quiet.
A man with crutches got on and sat in one of the front seats. A few stops later, a blind man with a cane got on, and the man with the crutches slid over and guided the blind man into a seat. They shared a laugh, and it was nice.
There was a mom with a very flirty, adorable baby girl. The baby kept waving at everyone and at one point she toddled across the aisle to a woman who sat with her grade-school age daughter. The baby put her arms up and the woman lifted her onto her lap.
"Sorry about that," said the baby's mom, embarrassed.
"No, it's nothing," said the other woman. Meanwhile, the baby had climbed over to the daughter's lap and they were playing together. So cute.
A teenage girl in black clothes (including a sweatshirt that said: SENIORS on it) came and sat next to me. She had lots of eye makeup and a few facial piercings, and a huge beat-up backpack. I smiled at her and she smiled back.


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