Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bus Report #470

My 38 this morning was not very crowded, and it was quiet.
Except for the ogler, who stood up from his seat and went up to our driver, leaned over her shoulder and said something that I didn't hear, but I am sure it was something he wanted her to laugh at. I wouldn't have let him get that close. Especially if I was driving a huge bus. But our poor driver didn't deserve it.
Man. That ogler. He's a menace.

At Fillmore I waited for the 22 with one of the regulars, a nice older lady who must be a nurse or someone else in the medical field. She always wears pink scrubs. The bus came and I hung back for a minute so she could get on first. I sat behind a hulk of a man in a plaid shirt (plaid's back! Who else is excited?).
The ogler got on at the next stop. He got a prime seat in the front, perfect for stalking the unprepared older ladies on their way to work that he so loves.
A guy with a backpack, big headphones and dark sunglasses got on at McAllister and immediately started to open all the windows.
I was glad because the bus was stuffy, and I'd already opened the windows right near my seat.
He sat down, then jumped up and moved to a different seat, and opened more windows.
The ogler got up, shut a few of the windows, and sat back down.
Sunglasses man stood up and moved seats for a third time, opened another window.
The ogler shook his head and tried to engage two older ladies in conversation. Wisely, they ignored him.


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