Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bus Report #468

This morning I waited for the bus with the usual early morning regulars. Our fedora-wearing driver pulled up and I got on.
We booked it down to Fillmore, getting there earlier than usual.
I waited in the dark with a couple of people, watched the lights come on further down Geary.
When the 22 came, I was glad to see Carmen sitting in her usual spot, a seat saved for me, just in case.
We caught up on the latest gossip. All is well in her world. I watched her fold her igadget into a case, then into another case, then into a drawstring bag, then into her backpack.
The ogler sat a few rows up from us, ogling some of the ladies that get on at McAllister. I felt bad for them, and hoped they would ignore him.
At Mission Street the exit-door-blocking postal workers got on and blocked the exit door.
Walking to work from the coffee shop, I passed the garage (open but silent), and kept going. For the first time in days, no one was sleeping under the overpass.


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