Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bus Report #482

Deluge edition!

I am not a fan of the umbrella or the rain slicker, believing, perhaps incorrectly, that they only serve to get everyone and everything around you wetter than you already are.
I headed out to the bus today in my rain boots, sweatshirt and jacket, the hood pulled over my hair, my lunch bag carrying only my waterproof lunch container and water bottle (my usual book and folder full of papers securely plastic bagged in my purse).
The rain was coming down like nobody's business. I crossed the street to catch my bus and a car, totally not paying attention, rolled towards me.
I stopped right in front of them and, gesturing like a crazy person, made them aware that it was my light and they needed to fucking pay attention.
At the bus stop I huddled under the shelter with three other drowned rats.
The 38L bus pulled up right on time (and on a rainy day, surprise!) and I got in, settling into a dry seat near the back.
It was a quiet ride down to Fillmore.

At Fillmore I waited under the overhang with a kid dressed properly for the rain with a raincoat and rain shoes.
The 22 Fillmore showed up early, too, another (welcome) surprise. I slid in to a window seat, because the aisle seat had a puddle of water on it.

A man in a bright yellow, knee length, hooded rain slicker got on. All I could think of were the peg leg sea captains I used to draw as a kid and the spokesperson for a famous frozen fish company.
A woman got in at Mission wearing a huge rain poncho. Water streamed off of it. She sat down, effectively ruining a seat for someone else because now it was covered in water.
A gothy teenage girl slumped into the puddly seat next to me. When it was time for me to get out, she refused to move an inch, so she got my wet bag and my wet jacket and my wet ass in her face. Served her right.

Outside it was still dark. M. was standing in the street with a shovel, furiously scooping leaves out of the storm drain. The rain fell around us. I stood on the sidewalk and we talked for a minute, then I headed up the hill to a warm office and a cup of tea.


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