Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bus Report #519

This morning out front the Fillmore, I noticed the same teenagers that were camped out yesterday morning were still there today. This Miyavi (sp?) person/group must be popular... I have no idea who he/they are. I am okay with that. Those kids must be mega fans, to camp out in front of the Fillmore for two days. Whew.

On the 22, I sat with Carmen again, the bright spot on those days when I am running late. She said, "I love this music," and showed me her igadget. She was listening to Johnny Cash.

In front of us sat the man with the crushed faux leather lavender hat, the two Latinas I sat behind on my way home last night, and the Austin coffee cup girl.

Carmen got out at her stop, walked the rest of the way to her office with the Austin coffee cup girl.

The bus rolled down 16th Street.

I watched the pigeon man wander down the street, carrying a bedroll.

Valencia Street looked pretty, despite all the construction. The new asphalt makes the street look softer, somehow.


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