Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bus Report #534

This morning I got down to Fillmore early, but even after ten minutes there still weren't any buses. Strange.
One of the regulars hailed a cab.
Finally, a bus rolled in to view, but it was a diesel bus, with 'POLICE SERVICE' scrolling across the marquee. Again, how strange.
This driver gestured for us to all get on, told us he was a 22 Fillmore.
Great. So we all got on, and I got a window seat near the back door.
Nothing of any note to report, until we got to Haight and everyone started to get out.
I took off my headphones. He wasn't really telling anyone what was happening, so I went up to the front of the door.
"This is my last stop," he said. "Wires aren't working around Sutter so there should be something soon, but I have to turn around."
Well, thanks, dude. You should have mentioned you were only going to Haight! I would have waited for a real bus. Sigh.
I started walking, figuring I'd have enough time to walk the rest of the way to Potrero Hill if I needed to.
I was almost to Guerrero when I saw a bus coming. I waited for it, figured if it was too packed I'd just keep walking, no problem.
The bus was crowded but I managed to get a seat in the back.
All the usual regulars were there: Michele, the woman who stands too close to me at the bus stop, the annoying construction workers.
I got out at my usual stop to get coffee. I was about 15 minutes behind my usual schedule, which was okay but not ideal. In the coffee shop, Michele came up to me and said, "That was crazy this morning. What happened?"
I told her what the driver had told me.
"But I didn't even see our usual driver, Nelson," she said. "I don't know what that was about."
I didn't either. I said I hoped tomorrow would be better, and then I walked the rest of the way to work.


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