Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bus Report #550

This afternoon I took a 22 Fillmore bus home.
As the bus pulled up, I saw that the driver was wearing some crazy, Halloween-themed sunglasses: black frames with maybe 3 or 4 inch glittery black bat wings on them.
I got on the bus and said, "Getting into the holiday spirit early, huh?"
She stared at me, blankly, then frowned.
Okay then.
As we made our way down 16th, it became apparent that the driver was in a bad mood.
She yelled at a couple of kids who ran to catch the bus. "Next time I will not wait for you!" she warned them.
There was a vanpool van in the bus stop at Mission and 16th. Our driver blocked the van and yelled at the driver, "Now who do you think you are, blocking a bus stop!" I agreed with her, but still.
We crossed Church and Duboce. A bearded, tattooed man was crossing the street while talking on his phone, but he saw the bus and stopped so we could pass. The driver still needed to yell at him, though. "Watch where you're going!" she hissed.
The man shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes.


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