Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bus Report #552

Thursday evening I caught a crowded 38 Geary bus and sat down next to a mountain of a man, who was reading a self-help book in Spanish. His hands almost completely obscured the title, but it was "something something tu deseas".
Four chatty, older folks sat in front of us. I didn't pay them much attention.
They got off the bus and immediately, an old man sitting across from us got up and started yelling, "Hey! Hey!" to them, and pointing to their seat. The people didn't hear the man, and the driver started to pull out of the stop. The old man was still yelling, so I stood up to look at where they had been sitting. I saw that they had left their groceries on the bus. I knocked on the window to get their attention, while several other people told the driver to stop the bus.
I finally got their attention (acting crazy and banging on windows seemed to do the trick) and one of the men hopped back on board for his groceries.
By now, the old man had sat back down. I said, "That was a close call, huh?"
He nodded.


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