Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bus Report #558

Not much to report on my commutes, lately. I can't tell if that's good or bad.

The other day we had a 22 Fillmore driver who narrated the whole ride out to Geary, and very little of what he said made any sense.
As we made our way down Fillmore Street, he called out each stop, then added what he perceived to be the local attractions at each stop.
Some of his observations made sense, like encouraging the tourists on our bus to get out at Haight to catch a bus to the upper Haight, or to get out at Hayes to see Alamo Square.
Others were just... nutty.

At Fillmore and McAllister he said, "Anyone want to see a bikini contest? Yes sir, right here we have a world famous bikini contest, with girls."

The next stop was by the McDonalds: "Mc-Mc-Mc-Mc Donald's, folks, Mc-Mc-Mc-Mc Donald's. Get your burgers and your nuggets."

We pulled in to the stop by Yoshi's and he started rambling about a baby shower. I couldn't figure that one out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know that guy, he is really nutty, and he laughs at his own statements. As well as speaking on the microphone, is he really as crazy as he seem?

9:53 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

It was hard to figure out if he was just kidding around or if he was crazy... I hope for kidding around!

3:52 PM  

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