Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bus Report #585

I had a nightmare last night, and it was about Muni.
I dreamt I was babysitting for the newborn daughter of a friend of a friend.
I had the baby with me on the 22 Fillmore. She was asleep in her little carrier. Her diaper bag was right next to her.
At Potrero and 16th I decided to go run a few errands, but I'd let her sleep on the bus and after my errands I'd rejoin the bus a few stops later.
I got out, leaving the baby and her stuff on the seat.
When I caught up with the bus at Rhode Island and 17th a few minutes later, the baby was (predictably, yet alarmingly) gone.
No one knew where she was or who had taken her.
The driver suggested I try the lost and found.
Another passenger said I should call 311.
And of course the on-board video cameras were broken.


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