Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bus Report #665

This morning my 22 driver was a driver I haven't seen in about a month.
He opened the door and smiled and I smiled back.
"It's nice to see you," I said. "Where have you been?"
"I had pneumonia," he said.
"Are you feeling better?" I asked.
"About 58%," he replied.

Later, walking past the garage, Frank waved me over.
"Hey, where you been lately?" he asked.
"I was in Boston," I told him.
"I was just thinking, 'I haven't seen Rachel lately'," he said. "Glad you're still around."
"Thanks," I said. "You have a good holiday break?" I asked.
"Yep," he said. "And I got a New Year's Resolution."
"Oh yeah?" I asked.
"I'm joining a gym," he said, thumping his belly with his hand.
"That's great," I told him.
"See you tomorrow," he said.
"Definitely," I said.


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