Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bus Report #693

This morning I dreaded taking the 22, routed around the track replacements down on Church and Market.
I left home early and made sure I had extra time if I needed it.

When the bus arrived I got on and sat in the middle of the bus, headphones on.
When the bus was idled at the light at McAllister the driver said, "Listen up, folks, we've got a detour this week, if you want to take the shuttle you can get out here."
Cue the confused people who didn't know anything about it. One guy, a regular, asked the driver how he could get to the Market Street Safeway. "You can get our at Haight and walk," said  the driver.

The bus turned up McAllister and then onto Divis - for a few blocks we followed the 24 route and confused a few people waiting for the 24.
Divisadero was quiet, most of the shops still closed up.
Castro, too, once we crossed Market.

The bus turned down 18th and we followed the 33 for a few blocks, until turning left on Mission and resuming our regular route.

I have to say, it was relaxing, and quiet, and if it can be as fast as it was today, I won't mind a week of this.


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