Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bus Report #694

Yesterday afternoon I walked down the hill to catch the 22. It was not looking good - there were a handful of regulars and a few other people I recognized from around the neighborhood, way more people than usual.
Coupled with the reroutes and the track replacements, I had a feeling I'd be waiting a while for the 22. I planned to take the 10 when it showed up, but it never did.
The friendly Texan waved from where she stood in the shade, talking to one of the quiet ladies who usually gets out at Mission.
After a while, the friendly Texan walked over. "Honey," she said, putting on her sunglasses, "The bus better come soon because I have to be somewhere."
We chatted a bit, pausing every now and then so I could squint up and down 16th looking for a bus and so she could pull up Next Bus on her phone.
One by one, the other people waiting drifted off. The quiet lady said, "Well, I guess I'll start walking."
A girl carrying a stroller said, "Typical," and she walked off, too.
One man bent down to tie his shoe, then he headed off up the street, glancing behind him as he went, just in case.
The friendly Texan said, "Next cab that comes by is mine. Do you want a ride? We'll drop you off."
"Oh, thanks, but you don't have to," I said.
She just flipped her hand and said, "Don't be silly," and that was that.
Soon, a National Taxi pulled up and the friendly Texan said, "Let's go."
We got in the cab. The driver asked where she was going, and she told him the cross streets of where she lived, in Pacific Heights, close to Union Street.
He looked at me. "And where are you going?" he asked.
"She'll jump out wherever it's convenient," said the friendly Texan.
Then she turned to me and said, "What's your name? I never remember to ask people their names."
I told her, and then she introduced herself, and handed me her card. Let's call her Sunnie - it matches her personality.
I wondered what the cabbie made of us - a pair of strangers, situational/occasional friends, two women who didn't know each other's names. 
We talked some more - she told me a story about one of the guys who was also waiting for the bus, but I don't remember what it was. As the cab approached its destination I told Sunnie I'd hop out on California.
The cab pulled over and I got out.
"Thank you!" I called after her. "See you tomorrow!"

Thanks, Sunnie, for sharing your cab with me.

I caught the 1 California and was home a half hour later.


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