Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bus Report #738

The 38 was early and it spit me out on Fillmore just as a 22 rolled by.
No problem - I walked up a block to Sutter, figuring the wait to be a minute or two shorter from that stop.
I stared up at the tall, heavy-limbed trees that twist up towards the sky and create a canopy over the street. The smell of jasmine wafted over from somewhere nearby and I breathed it in.
The world's oldest school crossing guard slowly approached the bus stop. He saw me and smiled, and said quietly, "Your name is Rachel, right?"
I guessed he'd heard Lacey greeting me on the bus.
"Yes," I said. "Good morning."
He walked over to me and held out his I.D. badge. "I'm Henry," he said, pointing to his name in block letters on the laminated card.
"Nice to meet you, Henry," I said. I wished I knew his last name - he seemed like the kind of person I'd be more formal with.
Soon the 22 came in to view.
Lacey pulled in to the stop and opened the door, and Henry got in first. "Morning Mr. Henry!" Lacey said.
Then she saw me. "What are you doing over here, Rachel?" she asked.
"My bus was early," I said. "Nice to see you this morning."
And off we went.


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