Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bus Report #739

Anyone else annoyed by Muni's so-called 'spring break schedule'?
By all means reduce service in the early afternoons, but why mess with the morning and evening commutes of San Francisco's non-school break population?
Maybe I'm the only person put off by this, but come on... I've still got to get to work at the same time, as do most of my fellow passengers.
So this week so far has meant leaving for work a few minutes early, and in the afternoons catching a slightly later bus that is, by Potrero, packed with people.

This afternoon the bus was slow as molasses. A mom with three little girls got on with several shopping bags and each girl carried her own scooter. The littlest girl didn't want to share a seat with her sisters so she held on to the backs of a couple of seats and swung back and forth as the bus crawled down 16th.

A couple of burnout guys got on at Mission and sat right in front of me. One of them wore a filthy Bruins jersey and the other one had a Red Sox T-shirt. I was embarrassed: they were New Englanders. I slouched in my seat and hoped they didn't notice the Red Sox pin on my jacket.
They talked loudly, banged empty soda bottles against the Plexiglas by the back door.
When we got to their stop they yelled at the driver, "Back door! Back door!" until the rest of us had to yell back, 'JUST STEP DOWN!"
They stepped down and everyone sitting nearby just looked at each other and shook their heads.


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