Friday, January 10, 2014

Bus Report #784

On my way home last night on the 22, after dinner with S., I slid into a seat in the back half of the bus.
My seatmate was a sleepy-eyed girl who looked like the character Bella from one of my favorite films, Croupier.
She smiled and said, "I'm getting out at Haight."
"Okay," I replied. I wasn't sure why she was telling me this.
"If I fall asleep, can you wake me up when we get there?" she asked.
Ah. Now I understood.
"Of course," I said.
The bus rattled on, with people crowding in at one stop, and pouring out at the next.
My seatmate was soon napping. Her glasses slid down her nose as the bus stopped short at Duboce.
As we rounded the corner and turned onto Fillmore I gently nudged the girl's elbow.
She awoke, stretched her arms out in front of her and pushed her glasses back into position.
"Thanks," she said, and then the bus stopped and she disembarked, and headed off down the street.


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