Friday, February 21, 2014

Bus Report #792

Last night I went out to wait for the 22 Fillmore, but it was running late (due to a terrible accident at Fillmore and California, a woman was hit by a truck and has since died), so I hopped on the 10 Townsend.
Another regular from the 22 got on as well, a soft-spoken woman who is always bundled up even when it isn't cold out. Last night she had a puffy jacket on, and two knitted caps.
We chatted a bit, caught up, and then she excused herself to sit in the front. She's only recently started taking the 10 and still doesn't know the stops very well, and wanted to be sure she didn't miss her connection to Golden Gate Transit.

I got out downtown and transferred to the 38. My seatmate was not happy someone sat next to her, and spent the rest of the ride staring out the window and holding her purse tight against her chest. I wondered if I looked like a thief. Me, with my chipped nail polish, big headphones, bag full of vegetables, over due library books and two dented Thermoses. Bag lady was more like it. Bag lady with style.


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