Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bus Report #788

I waited for the bus the other night with a couple of regulars - A dad and his daughter. I hadn't seen them in a while. The dad smiled at me and said, "Haven't seen you in a long time."
I took off my headphones. "I guess I've been on an earlier bus. Or maybe a later one," I said.
The dad is a short, round-faced man with wire-rimmed glasses and his daughter is a stocky little kid with a long, long black braid in her hair that runs all the way down her back.

I can't remember what we got to talking about, but soon the dad and I were chatting.
The little daughter swung her backpack around and put on a pair of sparkly earmuffs.
The dad laughed. "We're going to her gymnastics class, so hopefully the bus will come soon."
I nodded, looked at my watch. Late, of course.

I asked the daughter if she liked her gymnastics class and she said yes. She asked her dad if he had any snacks. He laughed and said, "Snacks? Where would I be hiding them?"
I laughed. The little girl danced off to the corner, and then back.

"She has a lot of energy," her dad said. "It is good. Her doctor says she should move around a lot, so that she will grow up, and not out." He looked down and rubbed his big belly.

The dad held out his hand. "I am Julian, by the way, and she is Aurelia."
I shook his hand. "I'm Rachel, nice to meet you two."

The bus soon arrived, a 10 Townsend, fine for me but not what Julian and Aurelia were waiting for.
"Have a good afternoon Julian, Aurelia," I said.
"You too, Rachel," Julian said.


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